Friday, January 1, 2010

Vintage Victorian Vixen WIP

How very vividly V-sounding ;)

Just horsing around the dress is based off inspiration of a dress I'd like to come to own some day, a bit steam punkish but still admireable.... Yet another started piece from my folder of "loose leaves" this time a rather charming grey fox. This could make an interesting figurine... I may consider submitting a finished version to patchtogether if there is any interest. (Please post a message here if such a figurine is of interest to you)

First Post of 2010

Vintage Victorian Vixen

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Ritsenki said...


Yay for victorian stuffs! For some reason I really like the nanny/governess side of things. With the high necks and tons and tons of buttons. Not to mention the nice fit above the waist and the poof below. =3

PS: Your fishies are damn addictive!

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